Bloom + Bread is a southern-inspired lifestyle company that is "always celebrating." We curate lush floral arrangements, prepare delicious food and plan one of a kind weddings and events.


Our vision is to create beautiful backdrops against which people make memories. Our success is measured by the joy we help others to experience through flowers, food and design.


Our company philosophy is based upon the following core values: everyone belongs at the table; "burn the ships"; and good business means investing in our community.

Everyone Belongs at the Table. Our team is committed to a diverse and inclusive business model at all levels of operation from the members of our team; the clients we serve; to the types of celebrations we create and the food we prepare.

Burn the Ships. We are determined to leave what is "traditional" or "expected" behind and instead plan weddings and events that are fresh and dynamic. We are also determined to re-examine our corporate model annually to approach how we do business with unique and innovative eyes.

Good Business means Investing in Our Community. Upon its incorporation, Bloom + Bread is committed to placing 10% of its net-profits into a savings account. Once the savings account reaches $50,000.00, the Bloom + Bread Foundation ("foundation") will be formed as a registered 501(c)(3) private foundation. The foundation will award annual grants to organizations focused on feeding the hungry; advancing the interests of the poor; and mental health awareness advocacy.

We are also committed to partnering with local non-profit organizations to support them in their fundraising goals through in-kind donations of time, talent and product. If you are interested in working with Bloom + Bread for your next fundraiser or campaign, please connect with us directly to start a conversation. 

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In florals donated to local charitable organizations, homeless shelters and nursing homes to support fundraising efforts, thank volunteers and comfort program participants.

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Number of hours volunteered by Bloom + Bread team to advance the interests of local charities and organizations dedicated to serving the

poor and hungry.



Number of biscuits and baked goods donated to homeless shelters and distributed to the hungry

in our local community.

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