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BBQ like a Pit Boss

BBQ like a Pit Boss


On Tuesday October 25th from 6 to 8 pm, learn how to BBQ like a Pitt Boss with Chef Matt - who trained in the art of BBQ during his time in Alabama. Together with his business partner (and partner for life) Heather Rainey, Matt will teach participants the secret ins and outs of how to barebecue like a pit boss (low and slow) - just in time for Thanksgiving!


All class participants will be provided with workbooks to take careful notes on how to prepare BBQ like a professional. Participants will get to sample Chef Matt's carefully curated collection of sauces and rubs and prepared meats. Participants will also be served a spread of Southern goodies and beverages courtesy of the pastry chefs of Bloom + Bread. How bad ass is that? 

  • About Chef Matt and Heather

    While living in Alabama, Chef Matt developed a passion for Southern style cuisine. After learning authentic slow cooked smokey BBQ from pit boss masters, Chef Matt brought his knowledge back to Illinois where he shares his gift of BBQ and smokey sauce making with his clientele. 

    Chef Matt and his wife Heather own a private chef company, Rent-a-Chef. Together they bring southern flavor to the homes of hundreds of clients throughout Illinois. They are known not only for their incredible smoked meats and savory sides - but also their warmth and love for each of their clients. With Heather's background in cokctails and mixology, no party is better than a party designed by this dynamic duo! 

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