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Chef Matt's Carolina Mustard Sauce

Chef Matt's Carolina Mustard Sauce


Experience a taste of the American South with Chef Matt's hand crafted BBQ sauce. Chef Matt's Carolina Mustard sauce is a smokey, tangy, sweet experience popularized in the Carolinas' open pit whole hog BBQ competitions. Expertly designed to replicate the pitmasters of the Carolina south - this sauce is the perfect compliment on steaks, ribs, chops, chicken, and shrimp. 

  • About Chef Matt

    While living in Alabama, Chef Matt developed a passion for Southern style cuisine. After learning authentic slow cooked smokey BBQ from pit boss masters, Chef Matt brought his knowledge back to Illinois where he shares his gift of BBQ and smokey sauce making with his clientele. 

    ​Chef Matt's BBQ Sauce collection is perfect paired with grilled meat and a hot order of flakey biscuits. Order some for yourself - or send a collection of sauces as a gift to your favorite grilled meat connoisseur!

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