Willow Creek Honey

Willow Creek Honey


Bloom + Bread is so proud to offer the exquisite honey of Willow Creek as part of its Artisan Market Collective. 


Willow Creek Honey started as part of a farmer's effort to revitalize an aging apple orchard. The farmer got two beehives to bolster his apple crops and it worked! His apple production began to take off.  As the farmer got older, the apple orchard was sold but he never lost his love of the bees, and he became the Miller family’s first beekeeper. He taught current president and CEO Christine Miller everything she knows about bees. Seeing his apple production soar, many of the farmer's  friends and family asked to have hives in their gardens and that is how Willow Creek Honey went from a 2 hive to a 300-hive beekeeping family.


Today the Miller family works to care for all of those hives started by Farmer Miller many decades ago. Willow Creek bee hives branch out to Kane, Kendall, Will, Lee, Dekalb and DuPage Counties. Willow Creek Honey feels a personal attachment to their bees. The bees work hard for them, and the Millers work hard for them. Keeping the bees happy and healthy is what the Millers strive for every day.


Willow Creek Honey is raw and local. They believe in keeping the honey as wholesome as when the bees made it. Their policy of never filter, never pasteurized means that the honey comes straight from the hive to your table. 


According to Christine Miller, CEO of Willow Creek Honey, "My grandparents founded our traditions, of working together, compassion and respect for nature. We feel it these traditions makes us who we are. We wouldn’t have it any other way."