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Our company was forged during the pandemic by delivering lush floral arrangements and mouth watering baked goods to our clients. From the start, we committed ourselves to designing unique, one of a kind arrangements, using the freshest flowers sourced from sustainable growers. Our signature? A lush arrangement presented in a container hand-picked by our design team.  Paired with our award winning biscuits or seasonal pastry - you're guaranteed a gift that will not be soon forgotten by the lucky recipient. 


Let our master florists design a stunning arrangement for you. We start by shopping for the freshest and most interesting blooms at the Flower Market. We use a "bloom forward" approach to design. This means we make sure flowers are the star of every arrangement. Each lush design is complimented by a curated container that can be repurposed and enjoyed after the lifespan of the arrangement ends. Our arrangements are one of a kind and inspired by what is fresh, sustainable and interesting. Which means you will receive a floral design that is as unique and special as you are. Need a specific color palette for a special occasion or event? Don't worry. We've got you. Just click the button to connect.

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